Day of Classes

The boys had their first day of co-op today and really enjoyed their friends and classes. For Grant, today was all business. For Jake, today was all about having fun. Either way, a great opportunity. Grant is taking an excellence in writing course, ancient history, and human anatomy. Jake is taking a young authors class and a geography class. It will change to different classes in January. This is going to be so helpful to me this year!!!! Wahoo!!


Hike to Government Camp, Oregon

 We have had a month of family and friends visiting not to mention a quick Ally and Mom trip to Florida to see family and attend my Uncle Jimmy's memorial service.  Needless to say, August has been busy, but fun to anticipate seeing so many loved ones! Grant had his big Double Digit Birthday trip with my parents and had so much fun swimming with dolphins, feeding rhinos, and touring San Deigo on Segways.  As you can see, I have a ton of catching up to do so I figured I would just start from yesterday.  Our hike to Mirror Lake:

That this goofball <ahem - light of my life> took us on.  He found a great hike. 

Of course, I can't decide what pics I like best so I'm posting too many again. 

They are happiest when throwing rocks in. 

This is the life!

Catching Crawfish

He's just handsome....and nice....and funny....and.....

really silly! 

Jake thinks so too! 

So thankful to see so much of what God has created. So amazing! 


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