How she turned fourteen so quickly, I'll never know. Maybe it's because she is always in such a hurry to go somewhere or do something. Sometimes I look at her and see so much beauty in her that I'm amazed at my little girl. She doesn't even realize how pretty she is ~ inside and out. Happy Birthday, Allygirl! I love you!


Just Landscapes

My in-laws are here for a visit and so we headed up to take a Columbia River Gorge Cruise about an hour away from home.  I was so disappointed with my pictures though.  They caught haze in the picture and don't do the Columbia River area justice.  It's so beautiful there and the weather was perfect! 

Eric took this picture.  I think all they need is black leather jackets and some heavy music and we've got a reality show.  

(A lot of these pics came out differently depending on which way we were facing)

 Our captain says this sea lion comes back to this spot every year.  He must know where the big fish are.  

This is part of the campground for Native Americans that they use during the summer for catching salmon.

A pulled out a few to show off to us! 

Like I said, the pictures don't do it justice, but just in case you were ever wondering why all the "tree huggers" live in Oregon........... It is really beautiful with all those majestic trees. 


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