I took this pic of Jake at Grant's "bath-tism" as he called it. It's one of my new favs. All those scratches came hard earned. Not that I want him to have those, but you see, he's pretty timid when it comes to physical activity for fear of getting hurt. Baseball, slip and slide, soccer, bike riding all come with a bit of trepidation for him. The one time he put all fear aside and followed dare devil brother down a hill (after mom repeatedly said slow down), he got hurt pretty badly. It's all healing nicely though. And I think he's kind of proud of himself for trying something "big" even if it wasn't the safest or best idea!

Sidney Adams  – (July 25, 2013 at 4:54 AM)  

Looks like Jake is healing real good.
Trying this sign in thingy. I think I have it correct now.
We will see.

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