Camping Story (Part 2)

 At the top of the mountain, the lake was so pretty and the boys were hoping for some bass bites! 

All day on the water fishing, swimming, and jetting around the lake in the swagger wagon of boats - the pontoon boat.  (Not ours, just a rental).  

I think this guy looks professional. 

Why does this goofiness have to happen to the teenage brain? See? Didn't I tell you Betty was amused? What's funny is I didn't realize how many pictures she ended up in. I guess because she thinks she owns the place.  Lola was so content to sit next to Eric's "captain's chair" all day.  

I said it was pretty, right? 

Anyone that knows Grant, knows he is part fish.  He loves water and had such a great time playing and relaxing. 

One of the very, very few pics I have of her just looking sweet with no goofy look! 

I thought this house was so cool.  Looks like it has a guest house too.  The property goes way up on the mountainside. See the "ladder" looking thing? It's an elevator/dumb waiter.  Genius!

This guy finally reeled one in later in the afternoon. 

He was so pleased. Of course, then he didn't want to stop fishing! 

Captain Ally!

Studly rock star AKA Grant. 

Unfortunately for poor Jake, his evening did not go well.  He was biking with Grant and other kids his age and had a bike accident coming down a hill.  He is fine, but his face is very bruised, swollen, and sore.  I can't believe how much he has healed in 24 hours though.  I'm so thankful! I'm also thankful for helmets!!!  Jake was quite worried about his bike (which will need repairs).  Poor Grant felt responsible since I had been telling them to slow down, and he is big brother.  Grant has such a tender heart.  At least I know they care deeply for each other.  Sorry for the influx of pictures. I don't post often and wanted to share with family and friends.  

Sidney Adams  – (July 25, 2013 at 8:21 PM)  

Looks like a great time, beautiful place and like that Grant caught a fish. Great pictures again Heather.

Kristi  – (August 9, 2013 at 4:55 PM)  

Allyson is looking so grown those pics of her sitting in the "driver's seat."
And I'm glad that Jake wasn't seriously injured in his bike accident. Tough kid!

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