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Going to rant a bit. You've been forewarned.

Grant was put on a new ball team this year.  Only one other boy from his old team is on this one.  It's a good team that practices A LOT!  They practice for several hours at a time. It's serious business.  The boys on this team play together for spring and fall ball so they all (including the coach) know each other well.  Now, I'm not just saying this because I'm his mom, but Grant is a very, very good ball player.  He has had some amazing plays and is a solid hitter.  Grant has proven himself time and time again.  He is always the one to cheer and encourage a teammate when they've made a mistake or struck out.  A true team player! 

But, he's been sitting for two innings almost every game. Sometimes he will sit just one time.  Of course, my "walking-story-problem" guy figures in his head, "If there are this many players, and five innings a game, then each player should sit so many times every so many innings".  He knows the coach's "math" is wrong.  But I've heard from many other parents that Little League can get very political too. I think he's not getting playing time because he hasn't played with this particular team for spring and fall.  Let me just say that the coach's son has never sat an inning at all.  

This problem bothers Grant. But he has had the best attitude about it; a much better attitude than I have!  He stays positive and cheers his team on without complaining to the coach. He shows disappointment but never talks back to coach either which is more than I can say of the other boys.  Now, if only I can keep from wringing the coach's neck for the rest of the season! I wouldn't want to have another embarrassing moment of Mama Grizzly coming out! 

Anonymous –   – (June 8, 2013 at 9:29 AM)  

Exactly what I saw when there. Grant was the one to start the support chant when someone came up to bat...even when the coach couldn't get the boys to start it.

Sometimes it makes you feel better about yourself if you can make someone else feel bad about themselves. Maybe his son just needs the extra playing time.

Love Omi

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