Is It Summer Yet?

Our boys' school year has been finished for about a week now, but we are still rolling pretty steady around these parts.  Baseball season is still in full swing with four games a week and three tournaments left.  The boys have a piano recital and a musical performance with their choir in June as well.  

Allyson only has one day left of school then the students all go in Monday to help scrub that school down till it shines!   Then it's off to camp. None of her friends could go the week she was, but that didn't stop her one bit.  She said she didn't mind just going to camp and meeting people. My word! I'd never have done that at that age! She'll be fine, no doubt. 

 The boys are looking forward to VBS and soccer camp too. And just to keep all my hard work from being lost, the boys will be doing math, Chinese, and reading throughout the summer.  Jake is working on his four times tables. Hoping to get most of them memorized before we officially start our school year.  Of course,  I wouldn't want to leave Ally out! She'll be reading (which she enjoys) and math (which she loathes) during her summer as well.  

Boy, I sound like a tyrant right now! But really it doesn't take long to sit and review a little each day. Grant always has a book in his hand anyway! 

Happy Summer People!

Anonymous –   – (June 9, 2013 at 9:30 AM)  

I love to read and I hated math all through school. As one of her grandmothers I say let her keep a running total of all the books she reads during the summer. Math was always such a pain, literally.

Love Omi

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