Since I Never Blog Anyway....

Since I never blog anyway, I thought I'd direct you to an incredible post from a bloggy adoptive momma to very, very many! Jean has been answering questions from her readers. The insight she gives when answering how she can have so many children and have a home not an orphanage is incredible. Why? Because she had experts answer the question. Her children answered and gave great insight into their lives in an orphanage.  A must read. Click the Link!  

In other news, my parents are coming. So glad and kids are super excited.  I did another month long run for groceries and am planning on having mom help me with cooking and preparing while dad helps the boys.  Let me just tell ya. It's good timing. We will finish school in May, and I'm having those "homeschooling mommy thoughts".  You know; the "can I do this another year",  the "are we done yet".  I usually get a second wind coming down on the home stretch and I'm thinking mom and dad's visit will definitely help! 

The Kings  – (March 10, 2013 at 6:53 AM)  

You can do it!!

Love the family pictures on the sideline BTW!!

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