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I have seen many a blog with great apps listed for children's learning, but I thought I'd post just a few of ours.  My parents bought the kids ipad minis for Christmas this year. Love them! Perfect weight for me to hold actually. When my old one dies (it's one of the first so it's now an antique), I'm going for the mini!  We used my ipad a ton for learning so I was just as excited as they were to receive them. 

Since I don't speak Mandarin myself, Chinese Learning apps are a must. Gus on the Go is definitely one of our favorites.  

This is a great app to focus on getting those strokes down correctly and in the right order.  

We also use Chinese Number Trainer by  TRAINCHINESE  and a few other apps they have made.  

There are several free stories apps in Chinese as well. Little Snail  is one of them. There is a Red Hen story Jake likes. He switches the stories from Chinese to English to re-listen to them.  I used a few of them when he came home from China and he loved them.  

 Another helpful one is  Mandarin flash cards by baby Cortex and

I could do a whole post on the other apps we use for school.  But a few we like are Early Science Clever Bird.  This is a great app for a young learner like Jake.  

The little "quizzes" build on each lesson. They are interesting for Jake and explains things really well for a child of his age to understand.  We also use the Classical Conversations Cycle 3 app with both boys since Grant is learning US History this year. 

 They both have memorized the songs for the history dates and it has helped with a bit of Latin memory work as well as science and math.  

One app that has really helped us out is the Smarty Ears App R Intensive.  Some may remember that I was  trying every which way to get Grant a little speech therapy.  I finally decided something was better than nothing and tried this app. Glad I did. I can't believe how much he improved from using it. We practiced a least five times a week.  I realize I am by no means a speech therapist. But a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do! 

He is now in speech therapy once a week, but I was really surprised to see his progress from this summer's speech evaluation to this winter's evaluation.  Best $20 bucks I've spent in a long time. 

Grant has a couple of Algebra apps he likes as well.  Of course, he always knows he can manage to squeeze out of few extra minutes before bed with the ole "I'm doing algebra. Hang on!" excuse.  I love that I can always find newer and better to keep them engaged and excited about learning.  My how times have changed since I was in school! 

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