Yummy Hawaiian Baked Ham Sandwiches

We made these yummy Hawaiian Baked Ham and Swiss Sandwiches today for lunch. I've been trying to find easy weekend lunch ideas that don't revolve around the same boring turkey sandwiches we usually eat.  I found the recipe off of pinterest. And, yes, I actually do many of my pinned recipes. At least, lately I have! They were a hit and a definite to put in the repeat file. (I didn't add the poppy seeds as I knew one picky member of our family would decide immediately not to try them.)

The recipe came off of the blog The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife and here is her picture of these delicious little sliders.  Please click the name of her blog to be taken over there for a look! 

Only one little issue.  I sent the hubby out with the boys to get "deli ham".  I should have specified the brand, etc. because we now have $24 worth of deli ham! It was good though! 

Here's to trying new recipes! 

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