Viva Las Vegas!

The Holidays are over and it's just been forever since I've blogged.  I'm sure no one is really reading by now! But thought I'd get at least a post in.  Christmas at home in Delaware was great! I loved seeing our family and friends. I miss them so much! If only the West Coast and the East Coast weren't so far away! 

We had the most memorable New Year's Eve though.  We were flying from Philly to Portland through Las Vegas, but were unable to make our connecting flight and were stuck. At one point, we were trying to make the flight running through the airport when we realized the signs had us running outside of security into the parking lot onto a bus and then shuttled for 10 minutes or so to another terminal to try to get our boarding passes and back through security! Let's just say, I'm not amazing race material because Jake and I were dead last in our running group of 17 people for that flight. 

But just to show you how nice and laid back Portlanders are:  They were on the shuttle bus before Jake and I got there.  Eric and the other kids were just about on it and the other Portlanders were holding the bus for us! Gotta love it! 

As if out of a seen from a movie, we were sitting in the baggage claim for hour waiting for the airlines to attempt to find our luggage as the next flight we were able to get on wouldn't leave until 5 pm the following day. Which left the kids to having wheelchair races around the baggage claim area and me trying to find a hotel Las Vegas.....on New Year's Eve..... at 11 PM! 


It wasn't the nicest; it wasn't the cleanest; but it had one bed, a pull out sofa, and a hot shower.  We finally made it home by midnight on New Year's Day via San Francisco.  Funny thing is, I could tell my kids are well traveled when they didn't bat an eye; didn't even ask or complain about the situation.  Jake just took off his backpack, laid on the floor near the ticket counter and took a nap.  Yes, I have well behaved, seasoned travelers! 

Kristi  – (January 28, 2013 at 8:39 PM)  

MUCH more exciting than my New Year's Eve of watching a flick off Netflix at home... :)

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