Someone's in Trouble

We've been busy studying about larva, caterpillars, and butterflies around here.  The books are out. The diagrams are studied. 

We even painted what we thought our caterpillars might even become! 

The larva observed. Science notebooks were getting full with our observations, descriptions, and measurements. They had grown so big and were making their silky string. Excitement was in the air! 

Until last evening when I walked through the school room and noticed out of the corner of my eye that our five little caterpillars were MIA. I called the kids out of bed. "Who moved the caterpillars?", I sternly asked.  Everyone, "Not I!".   Okay, so they didn't really say "Not I".  Hehe.  Kind of sounds like Chicken Little, doesn't it? 

Well, we found four of our little critters in my closet.  Their home had been chewed through. Oh the boys were so disappointed! Ally was so disgusted as their (ahem) "frass balls" aka POOP was all over the floor!  

After scooping up our friends, vacuuming, and trying to restore their home, Eric came home to find our last little guy on his suit jacket clinging for dear life. They are safe now way up high on a shelf. 

Someone better stick to her bone and stay out of the science projects! 

As for our hopes of butterflies, I guess we'll find out just how sturdy caterpillars really are.  If they don't make, I'll be buying more caterpillar larvae! 

The Kings  – (January 25, 2013 at 12:17 AM)  

oh no! Glad you found them all...without any really rude surprises.

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