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Evidently, she's a Northwest girl.


Total goofballs!


Sweet Notes

I found this on the school board. I think Grant meant "love" instead of "Dear". Either way, super sweet of him to try to make Ally feel better!


Nothin' Fancy

Notice my new header? It's nothing fancy, but I did it myself this morning.  I've been wanting to update my blog a tad, but I just don't have time to fiddle with it. However, today I took advantage of a few extra minutes I had since I didn't have to drive Ally to school.  The poor kiddo is sleeping off the stomach bug she had last night.  The blog header took no time at all to put together with Picmonkey! What a great free editing tool! I'll definitely be using it again. Super fast! Super easy! 


You Know You're Tired When.....


Operation Caterpillar!

I know my vast array of readers are on the edge of their seats wondering how are project is going. Ok, not really. However, I'm here to say that one is now dangling and we are hopeful. A couple of others are still moving albeit rather slow. And the boys? Check them every 10 min. What's that about a watched pot?


Someone's in Trouble

We've been busy studying about larva, caterpillars, and butterflies around here.  The books are out. The diagrams are studied. 

We even painted what we thought our caterpillars might even become! 

The larva observed. Science notebooks were getting full with our observations, descriptions, and measurements. They had grown so big and were making their silky string. Excitement was in the air! 

Until last evening when I walked through the school room and noticed out of the corner of my eye that our five little caterpillars were MIA. I called the kids out of bed. "Who moved the caterpillars?", I sternly asked.  Everyone, "Not I!".   Okay, so they didn't really say "Not I".  Hehe.  Kind of sounds like Chicken Little, doesn't it? 

Well, we found four of our little critters in my closet.  Their home had been chewed through. Oh the boys were so disappointed! Ally was so disgusted as their (ahem) "frass balls" aka POOP was all over the floor!  

After scooping up our friends, vacuuming, and trying to restore their home, Eric came home to find our last little guy on his suit jacket clinging for dear life. They are safe now way up high on a shelf. 

Someone better stick to her bone and stay out of the science projects! 

As for our hopes of butterflies, I guess we'll find out just how sturdy caterpillars really are.  If they don't make, I'll be buying more caterpillar larvae! 


Le Artiste!

The artist of the family had been painting again. Love this one!


A Boy and His Dimples


The Boy and His Pho Soup


Yummy Hawaiian Baked Ham Sandwiches

We made these yummy Hawaiian Baked Ham and Swiss Sandwiches today for lunch. I've been trying to find easy weekend lunch ideas that don't revolve around the same boring turkey sandwiches we usually eat.  I found the recipe off of pinterest. And, yes, I actually do many of my pinned recipes. At least, lately I have! They were a hit and a definite to put in the repeat file. (I didn't add the poppy seeds as I knew one picky member of our family would decide immediately not to try them.)

The recipe came off of the blog The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife and here is her picture of these delicious little sliders.  Please click the name of her blog to be taken over there for a look! 

Only one little issue.  I sent the hubby out with the boys to get "deli ham".  I should have specified the brand, etc. because we now have $24 worth of deli ham! It was good though! 

Here's to trying new recipes! 



Oh, how she mocks me as she stands proudly over my garden patio planters! I'm wondering if I'll be growing bones or flowers this spring!

(Lousy pic through my kitchen window)


Teen Boot Camp

Someone hit the teen boot camp yesterday. This was her post work pose for the night. Today? Well, lets just say she needs to work out some soreness. (Insert mom smirk here)


My Little Scientists

Lap booking for science! Yes, January seemed like a good time to do something besides textbooks (at least for me!).  We don't do as much lap booking as most homeschoolers probably do, but really only because Grant enjoys reading textbooks.  I kid you not; I think he eats them! That's just the way he works.  But watching larva growing into butterflies is the perfect opportunity to get his nose out of the text book and learn to make some observations for himself.  Both little scientists surprised me with how descriptive they were in their journal.  I think Grant is really doing well to identify both qualitative and quantitative observations in his journaling notes.  

For those homeschooling moms out there (and school teachers as well), don't you love it when you get over the hump and notice that your kids actually do get it! YES! 


New Year's Goals

I don't make resolutions, but we do try to better ourselves and family no matter what. So it was decided that we weren't  going out to eat out as frequently. Eating out as a family of five can be pricey. Since we don't really eat at fast food joints, and our kids don't really eat off of  kid menus, dinners out can really add up.  So, to help get a handle on the kitchen duties, Eric has offered to cook a meal for us on the weekends and I have loaded up shopping carts of food.  Yesterday, I powered through more meat than I'd ever care to eat to prep meals for the freezer so we can just pop them in the oven or crockpot.  

And you know what else that means?  All the big work is done for over 20 meals and I have three capable kids to help cook and clean dinner.  Looks like we are adding cooking lessons into our curriculum.  

On a side note, I'm hoping to add something else in as well.  A friend of mine may have found a us a Chinese tutor to come to the house.  It would be my kids and hers (maybe another family) having a Chinese class each week.  Her children spent time in Taiwan and learned Mandarin there. So I'm hoping that Jake will be motivated to re-learn since his friends are doing the same.  I certainly don't think Grant will be behind. We've discovered that he picks up languages pretty quickly! 

Here's to trying new things and re-learning old things!


Viva Las Vegas!

The Holidays are over and it's just been forever since I've blogged.  I'm sure no one is really reading by now! But thought I'd get at least a post in.  Christmas at home in Delaware was great! I loved seeing our family and friends. I miss them so much! If only the West Coast and the East Coast weren't so far away! 

We had the most memorable New Year's Eve though.  We were flying from Philly to Portland through Las Vegas, but were unable to make our connecting flight and were stuck. At one point, we were trying to make the flight running through the airport when we realized the signs had us running outside of security into the parking lot onto a bus and then shuttled for 10 minutes or so to another terminal to try to get our boarding passes and back through security! Let's just say, I'm not amazing race material because Jake and I were dead last in our running group of 17 people for that flight. 

But just to show you how nice and laid back Portlanders are:  They were on the shuttle bus before Jake and I got there.  Eric and the other kids were just about on it and the other Portlanders were holding the bus for us! Gotta love it! 

As if out of a seen from a movie, we were sitting in the baggage claim for hour waiting for the airlines to attempt to find our luggage as the next flight we were able to get on wouldn't leave until 5 pm the following day. Which left the kids to having wheelchair races around the baggage claim area and me trying to find a hotel Las Vegas.....on New Year's Eve..... at 11 PM! 


It wasn't the nicest; it wasn't the cleanest; but it had one bed, a pull out sofa, and a hot shower.  We finally made it home by midnight on New Year's Day via San Francisco.  Funny thing is, I could tell my kids are well traveled when they didn't bat an eye; didn't even ask or complain about the situation.  Jake just took off his backpack, laid on the floor near the ticket counter and took a nap.  Yes, I have well behaved, seasoned travelers! 


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