Merry Christmas!



                                  Someone's loving the fact that I'm in bed today recovering!


Just a smidge

Had a smidge bit of surgery on my toe today. A more interesting picture would have been the marble size growth they took off the tendon. Hopefully it will feel better to walk on when healed!


All dressed up...


All dressed up and ready to play their Christmas pieces for a recital. They clean up nice! I'm pretty sure they will be wearing the same thing for their Christmas choir concert too!


Grant's recital piece


Jake's recital piece

Not sure if this will work, but here's Jake's recital piece. Enjoy, family and friends!


What Homeschooling Looks Like

This is what homeschooling looks like at our house today. Some days it appears orderly and then there's this. One thing is a constant. Betty is always curled up next to us.

I gave the boys their assignments for this week and next week and told them that if they get them all completed early they will have extra Christmas vacation time.  I could always use a little extra vacation! 


Elite team training

The photographer took these today during training. She happened to get some good ones of Jake.



We have one very pregnant fish! Either that or she's got a whopper of a tumor. Evidently the boys picked out a boy fish the last time we visited the pet store. He apparently found a wife.


Just working

We're just working hard before this morning's piano lessons and orthodontic appointment. Hope everyone is having a great day today!


Time to Make the Muffins

                             Watch out! The boys are baking blueberry muffins this morning.



The Girl

Thought I'd give an update on Miss Priss who is growing and maturing way too fast.  Seemed like overnight she turned into one of those teenagers with her own sense of style.  Of course, as a mom, I always thought Ally was beautiful, but as she grows, she just becomes more stunning! She is fun and goofy and silly! She insists on speaking in a British accent which, frankly, has gotten her out of hot water more times than I care to remember.  I mean, you can't just stay mad at someone who calls you "mum" and her siblings "ole' chap".  Her friends (and she has a ton of them) seem to think she is the life of the party.  In fact, one of her friends wanted to cancel her birthday party when I said that Ally would not be able to go! Now, as a mom, I'm not so sure I want my daughter to be the life of the party! But I do know she takes after my husband in so many ways. He never met a person that wasn't his friend.

She has a new babysitting gig watching a baby and two four year old twin boys. She has her hands full with them too.  The first night she was alone with all of them, I stopped over (at the neighbors) to check on her.  She came to the door with a sleeping baby on her hip frustrated with me that I interrupted her putting the boys to bed.  I looked up the staircase to see two little guys with their pjs on all ready for their story.  She had the baby's bottle warming up and his diaper changed.  Guess she had it handled!

The other thing she has been working on it is giving her room a makeover.  We told her she had to sell her furniture and come up with the money for the makeover herself, and that's just what she did.  New bed, dresser, desk, storage, chandeliers and decor!

She has an interest in photography and took some pictures today for our Christmas cards. Of course, her brothers weren't exactly helpful. 

But she ended up with some great shots in the long run.  

This growing up seems to happen painfully slow at times and way too fast at other times.  To think that her learners permit can happen in 9 months! That's less than a year!!

Ahh, Allygirl, I'm not the biggest fan of your teen years......the mood swings, the teenage self. But I do enjoy watching you figure it all out, watching you let things roll off your back, and watching you turn into such a young lady even if you still refuse to wear a skirt! Love, Mum. 



The boys love breaking boards.  I mean, who doesn't love demolishing something.  This is Grant with a knife hand strike (I think).  

This is Jake's successful elbow strike. Ouch! (It took him a couple of tries but didn't give up ). He broke it first try during his belt testing. 

He just had to have a picture of all his boards that he broke. 

Don't let their adorableness full you.  They are up to no good those two! Best friends for sure! 


Just the Girl

Just a pic of the girl today as she she came home from school to raid the cupboards. That girl sure does have some sass! She certainly never met a stranger! I have posts coming up of updates on the kids for my dear Aunts who still want to read my blog. Love them aunts, that is. Well, of course, I love my kids too. Anyway, just a little something!


My ninjas

My boys earned their blue belts today. They have put a lot of time, sweat, tears, and effort into TKD lately. They were asked to join the elite team and have had some intense training and sparring for such little guys. Jake has shed his fair share of tears when the going gets tough in sparring, but he is doing great. And they both have seen some of their hard work pay off today. And yes, they broke those boards some of which were doubled and tripled (Grant) up! What can I say, my ninjas rock!


Smith Rock, Oregon...Stunning!

Can you spot the climbers?  

Two more climbers up are the top!!! 

Monkey Face Rock

Not me! We heard one lady let out a huge scream.  Evidently she was climbing and fell about half way down the rock.  She was caught by her line, but it certainly shook her and everyone else up.  We saw probably 20 or so climbers on this Monday morning. 

Can't wait to go back! Anyone with me? 


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