Well Yesterday Was Eventful!

It all began last Thursday when Grant pulled a metal bracket out of place by eating a Sour Patch Kid on his fro-yo.  The one time I didn't check to see what he had on there.  It ended up be a good thing, because on Monday, I took him to the orthodontist to have it re glued (the ortho was closed on Friday).  

Monday morning, the orthodontist asked if Grant had been complaining of any pain. Nope, Nada. Nothing. In fact, Grant said to cancel the appointment because he had "fixed it" himself.  The doctor showed me a big ole abscess in his mouth from a very infected tooth. It was nasty, really nasty! 

Off we headed to the dentist who said that the tooth had to come out pronto! OUCH!!!! So poor Grant had the tooth pulled without so much as a wimper or a complaint.  The kid is tough. He still hasn't complained of any pain from the tooth being pulled and the infection looks soooo much better.  

Eric and I were thinking back to how often Grant has cried because of pain or told us that he actually was hurting.  He's nine and we can count the number of times on one hand.  He just doesn't complain of things like this so if he actually does cry from pain, we know he means it!!! Incredible really, but I wish he'd tell me when he hurts!!!!

We headed straight from the dentist to go pick up Allyson from school. I don't know if anyone has heard of the weather going on out here, but it is really, really wet. Not just Portland wet either! I drove on two different highways that had some significant flooding to where cars and trucks couldn't pass through the lanes.  I know it's nothing compared to those affected by Sandy, but I'm hoping it ends soon and when get a break.  

On a homeschooling note, we found a cool website via pinterest. It's called Toad Haven and there's a ton of cool activities on it, but the kids have been enjoying doing virtual surgery.  They did brain surgery, a total knee replacement, an eye dissection, and a hip surgery.  Not bad for a day's work!   

The Kings  – (November 21, 2012 at 9:18 AM)  

Thanks for the link! It does look like a very cool site!

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