A Quieter Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving, you say? Ours was pretty quiet.  I cooked. Let me repeat that: I COOKED!
Betty sat around and tried to look cute. (I know my mom just luuuuvvves pictures of Betty~ wink, wink). 

Thanksgiving morning, I stuck a turkey in one oven, pies in another, put rolls out to rise, and went to the gym to workout with Eric.  Okay, not actually with Eric. He prefers not to acknowledge anyone or anything while he's exercising, but does like it when I go with him. 

Since, I wasn't fortunate to have my mommy cooking, I enlisted help. We kept our tradition of making butter. YUMMY!

Shake that cream!

Viola! Miss Priss is kneading and molding the butter. 

Again, just for mom. :-)

A work in progress. Thank you, Sara Lee, for your pies! 




Of course, a certain someone managed to get out of helping. He was "too busy" playing games! 

Anonymous –   – (November 26, 2012 at 5:56 AM)  

Thanks for the Thankgiving pictures, not quite the same as being there...

Sub dog picturs with any adorable grandchildren that are laying around. SEE YOU SOON!!! WAHOO!


Kristi  – (January 28, 2013 at 8:42 PM)  

I'd love to see Jake and my kids at a bone cleaning contest. Their ability to leave NOTHING on the bone amazes me...

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