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 Today we headed over for a birthday celebration for a special little boy, Jacob.  Who knows? Maybe only homeschoolers have birthday parties during the school year at lunchtime on a Tuesday! Jacob belongs to friends of ours that live right around the corner and are a homeschooling family too. With a total of seven kids between us, there is always someone to play with. 

Jacob turned three today and when asked who he wanted to come to his birthday, he answered "Grant!".  Of course, we know that he always wants Grant to come play with him because, well, Jacob would follow Grant to the moon and back! Kindhearted Grant is always so patient with him too. 

As you can tell, he loves him some Spiderman! 

We've been blessed to live in a community where interracial adoption is thriving. Jacob was born in Ethiopia. Our other friends in the neighborhood will be bringing their little boy home from Uganda soon, and our church is filled to the brim with children from many different countries. In our circles out here, I'm noticing that adoption isn't "different"; it's the norm.  Two families in Ally's school class are preparing to bring home children from Africa, and, oh, I could go on and on. The kindergarten class at school has about 16 children and literally half of them are non-Caucasian adoptees. What does this mean for all my children and for the children that attend there? That interracial families, that adoptive families are just like everybody else's families. Our appearance doesn't define how we fit into any family. 

I was speaking to the boys today during our Bible time, and it was so cool talking (again) about how God placed them in our family knowing how much we wanted them and would love them.  Both boys will clearly tell you they were born to another mom, but that God had plans for them to be in our family. So glad we are surrounded by families doing the same! 

(Third blog post in a row? Yep! But I haven't showered, Jake and Grant have to get to practice, and dinner will be late.....sigh)

Anonymous –   – (October 3, 2012 at 6:48 PM)  

You're doing great hon, at least you have three kids taking up spare time. Tonight my dinner was in a cellophane wrapper and I cooked it too long!

Love Omi

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