A Day at the Farm

It was a busy day on the farm for us today. The light switch should be turning on the rain tomorrow. We haven't had any since July so I guess our dry season is up. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed out to have some fun together.  

In case you're wondering, yes, the calf is sucking Jake's thumb.  Poor guy must have been disappointed. 

The baby chicks were so sweet!

I gave the kids the option of the zoo or the pumpkin patch farm, and Grant got outvoted. He loves the zoo, but was pretty happy with all the animals here. 

Of course, a pumpkin patch just isn't a pumpkin patch anymore without fun things to do! Corn mazes, hay bail mazes, slides, wagon rides, bouncy houses, and a huge inflatable air pillow to jump on---- and pumpkins too.

Warning: Overload of kid photos for East Coast family! 

Now that's one big cheese! He had to have orange bands put on for the Orioles. 

This air pillow was really huge with lots of space to run on it. The boys loved it! Maybe we should get one of these in the backyard. 

Ally took a pic of me. Actually, she took two pics but one is VERY close up and my old lady melasma spots would frighten the bloggy world.  

So much for jumping. The air pillow turned into a wrestling match. Maybe this wouldn't be a good option for the backyard. 

 And this guy. We stopped to say hello to him on the way out. Sad, isn't he? Don't let him fool ya. His life isn't hard. His (ahem) girlfriend is right there next to him. Puppies, anyone? 

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic  – (October 11, 2012 at 6:43 PM)  

Looks like a fun day! Loved all the pics...The Girl looks very...hmmm, Grown Up and Teenager-y. Boy One is getting better at smiling for the camera...his smiles look natural in most of these! Love him and goat! Now, Boy Two ... he looks right at home with that tractor. The Mom photo is great, too! Miss you all...

Mom PS I still hate your word verification!!

Kristi  – (October 16, 2012 at 10:13 PM)  

What a fun day! And I totally want one of those air pillows. I think that could be a very useful tool to wearing two energetic boys out during the day.

Anonymous –   – (October 17, 2012 at 6:48 AM)  

We were looking at the air pillow shot of Grant wondering what the next shot looked like.

I had to call one of the second graders over to read the number on the word verification, I am in agreement with your Mom it's the pitts. I keep having to use Ctrl + to make the pic larger.


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