The Sassy Sleuth

 There's something you should know about my girl.  She loves mysteries and pies, I mean, spies. I, however, like pies. She likes spies. Anyway, she does a lot of mystery reading. 

The other day (not to air her dirty laundry or anything), she got sassy with me.  Consequence? No ipod touch, no phone, no..... well, you get the picture.  But I guess since she didn't have her regular technology available at her finger tips and no where to go, she had time to do some research on how to become a genuine spy.  All that spare time stirs up some creativity and thinking in a girl! Allygirl made a Top Secret folder of lots of great spy articles.  

Really, anything you'd like to know like the brush pass, dead drop, and sleeper. 

But what was the real clincher? When this note was left at our bedroom door:

 It says:
By the way I am the best spy ever. You know why? because I found my i pod while I was gong to the bathroom because If figured it was in the cabinet. hehehehehehehehahahahahahahhhohohohohoho. But don't worry. I did not play it. Love you  hehehehehehehehehehohohohohohoho    P.S. If you can find the 3 t's in the second set of he he he's you can give me 20 dollars.  

Now I'm wondering if taking the ipod was a punishment! She certainly did have fun looking for it and writing this note! 


Date with Daddy

Jake has been counting down the days to the Timbers soccer game with Daddy. I hope they have fun and stay dry. Eric is sending me out for a massage. I certainly won't complain!


A Wardrobe Staple

Who knew these would be a staple of my wardrobe? Every girl wears her galoshes regularly, right?


Bodyguards in Training

They did it! Boards broken, forms memorized, tenants and rules stated..... they've earned their yellow belts together. And they were two very, very excited little boys.  Of course, we celebrated with noodles and family movie night. Doesn't get much better than that. At least now, they can protect their momma!


Making Time

I seem to just be getting busier and busier. I'll be glad when soccer season is over which will at least give me some room to breathe in the evenings. We have soccer 4 nights and TKD 2 nights; throw in a couple of piano lessons, volunteering at school, my (new) Pilates classes and Tai Chi-- we're busy! But today, we had a gorgeous almost dry fall day. Meeting up with friends for recess was just going to have to work. So glad it did!


A Day at the Farm

It was a busy day on the farm for us today. The light switch should be turning on the rain tomorrow. We haven't had any since July so I guess our dry season is up. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed out to have some fun together.  

In case you're wondering, yes, the calf is sucking Jake's thumb.  Poor guy must have been disappointed. 

The baby chicks were so sweet!

I gave the kids the option of the zoo or the pumpkin patch farm, and Grant got outvoted. He loves the zoo, but was pretty happy with all the animals here. 

Of course, a pumpkin patch just isn't a pumpkin patch anymore without fun things to do! Corn mazes, hay bail mazes, slides, wagon rides, bouncy houses, and a huge inflatable air pillow to jump on---- and pumpkins too.

Warning: Overload of kid photos for East Coast family! 

Now that's one big cheese! He had to have orange bands put on for the Orioles. 

This air pillow was really huge with lots of space to run on it. The boys loved it! Maybe we should get one of these in the backyard. 

Ally took a pic of me. Actually, she took two pics but one is VERY close up and my old lady melasma spots would frighten the bloggy world.  

So much for jumping. The air pillow turned into a wrestling match. Maybe this wouldn't be a good option for the backyard. 

 And this guy. We stopped to say hello to him on the way out. Sad, isn't he? Don't let him fool ya. His life isn't hard. His (ahem) girlfriend is right there next to him. Puppies, anyone? 


Special Friends

 Today we headed over for a birthday celebration for a special little boy, Jacob.  Who knows? Maybe only homeschoolers have birthday parties during the school year at lunchtime on a Tuesday! Jacob belongs to friends of ours that live right around the corner and are a homeschooling family too. With a total of seven kids between us, there is always someone to play with. 

Jacob turned three today and when asked who he wanted to come to his birthday, he answered "Grant!".  Of course, we know that he always wants Grant to come play with him because, well, Jacob would follow Grant to the moon and back! Kindhearted Grant is always so patient with him too. 

As you can tell, he loves him some Spiderman! 

We've been blessed to live in a community where interracial adoption is thriving. Jacob was born in Ethiopia. Our other friends in the neighborhood will be bringing their little boy home from Uganda soon, and our church is filled to the brim with children from many different countries. In our circles out here, I'm noticing that adoption isn't "different"; it's the norm.  Two families in Ally's school class are preparing to bring home children from Africa, and, oh, I could go on and on. The kindergarten class at school has about 16 children and literally half of them are non-Caucasian adoptees. What does this mean for all my children and for the children that attend there? That interracial families, that adoptive families are just like everybody else's families. Our appearance doesn't define how we fit into any family. 

I was speaking to the boys today during our Bible time, and it was so cool talking (again) about how God placed them in our family knowing how much we wanted them and would love them.  Both boys will clearly tell you they were born to another mom, but that God had plans for them to be in our family. So glad we are surrounded by families doing the same! 

(Third blog post in a row? Yep! But I haven't showered, Jake and Grant have to get to practice, and dinner will be late.....sigh)


The Barber

Jake's getting his post haircut massage. He asks her for one if she forgets and told her all about the recent football games he's seen. Grant doesn't make a peep and just takes it all in!


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