The Kindness of Strangers

Awkward. At least that's what my experience today was initially. You see,  I've certainly had my fair share of experiences asking strangers for help opening things, etc., but I've never asked or had a stranger help me dress. 

Today, however, was a first for me. I was in the ladies locker room after my workout when I was half dressed attempting to put the top of my bathing suit on. I struggled and struggled with the darn thing, but my hands evidently didn't care to show up today. A woman who had just finished dressing and was standing next to me saw my predicament and asked if I could use some help. Considering it was either take the help or walk out without being strapped into the bathing suit, I took her up on it. 

She was so kind though. Considering how awkward the moment could have been, she made me feel less pathetic with her kind comments. She mentioned something about "now that the kids are in school" to which I meekly replied that I homeschool which seems to still conjure up visions of bread making in a demin jumper while instructing multiple unsocialized children (for some people). She immediately asked if I was using Abeka's curriculum and how great homeschooling was. Turns out she was very familiar with the latest homeschooling moms and has created her family through adoption as well (she has teenagers now). 

I pretty thankful that my awkward moment was made not so embarrassing and that my kind stranger made me feel not quite as incompetent today! 

Kristi  – (October 1, 2012 at 10:56 PM)  

What a blessing that God sent you an angel when you really needed one.

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