Falling Off the Wagon

I seem to have fallen off the blog wagon again. Fall is always a busy time, but this year my days have been flying by. I often wonder how the day can pass so quickly, and my boys can be so busy.  With Ally at school three days a week, I envisioned spending more time with the boys, and school being a breeze.  Let's just say we need some adjustments to our school schedules. 

Now last year for art, we would end up drawing pretty flowers and other appealing pictures. Without Ally participating though, we seem to be stuck on weapons, big trucks, and Ferrari's!

Speaking of school, our girl is thoroughly enjoying it. She is everybody's friend but has one particular girl that she is close to. This makes another "BFF" for her as she still loves spending time with another homeschooled girl in our neighborhood.  She (or the martian that has stolen my child) comes home from school and immediately gets to work. Her incentive? More work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, means more free time on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  Ally's social life never seemed to skip a beat when we moved out here. However, for the rest of us, it has taken a while. I've purposely been making little bits of time for myself to spend time with new friends whether it's meeting up with a friend at school before the kids are let out, meeting for a cup of coffee with other moms, or just meeting our homeschool friends for "recess".  

I also am learning something new myself.  Our gym offers tons of classes. I'm not a group workout kind of girl, so I tend to ignore the schedules. Recently though, a Tai Chi class caught my eye. I've always thought there must be something to it considering how seemingly healthy the older adults are that participate.  I thought it just might be a good form of exercise to increase range of motion and core stability regardless of how I'm feeling. It's been a welcoming crew in the class and they've gladly taken me in and taught me the steps one on one. I'm discovering that you don't just complete a move either. Feet have to be pointed at a particular angle, and hands and arms have to move at a certain level too. I think it's been nice though to be learning something just for myself.  

I've mentioned my Goodwill addiction. I enjoy perusing them just to see what I like, what I want to redo or ask Eric to redo. So when I saw this "lovely" little table the other day for $12 dollars, I bought it.  I liked the way it looked, or rather, the way it was going to look. 

Before you start thinking "poor Eric!",  I'll have you know that he enjoyed working on this project.  And he did a great job, too! 

Anonymous –   – (September 30, 2012 at 2:52 PM)  

I love this, in my opinion it looks Oriental now.

Love the Ominator!

Kristi  – (October 1, 2012 at 10:53 PM)  

Nice job Eric! You guys should take a vacay to central NC and stop by our place. Ian and Eric would have a blast with home-improvement projects!

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