Ally's First Day.....again

Allygirl headed to her first day of school today. I was nervous hoping we had made the best decision for her, but she was excited.  I got a great big hug and an "I love you, mom!" before I said goodbye to her. She didn't care that she was standing in the middle of the school where everybody was either. 

She came home and excitedly told me all about science experiments and funny teachers. And then, she got to work! I, however, am loving the fact that they have a retired ex cop/swat team member controlling study hall. There shall be no talking! No second chances! Yeah!!! She actually got work done too! Ally is discovering that the more work that is completed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the more time she has to spend being "Ally" on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And in typical Allygirl style, she came home with an invite to a party on Friday. She loves going places and doing things; she isn't one to sit still! 

In case you're wondering how I did.... well, I ended up feeling like it was her first day of school all over again. You know, I missed that actually. I was in Kazakhstan when she first attended kindergarten. Looks like it all came back around again. I was a little teary but waited till I got back in the car with my other two squirts. I realized as the day went on though, that it is so much easier teaching two kids instead of three! My brain is only doing two things at once. I'll be glad to have her home tomorrow though! 

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