Zucchini, Zucchini, & Zucchini

We ended up with one zucchini plant that was supposed to be a Japanese cucumber. This one zucchini plant generously gave us an exorbitant amount of veggies, and we don't really even care for it. So I froze some and grated some to bake into chocolate chip zucchini bread. The kids love it; good thing too since they will be pulling the frozen muffins and loafs for months to come. I ended up pulling the plant up to make room for some fall kale. Kale chips, anyone?

The Kings  – (August 29, 2012 at 2:01 PM)  

Oh to live somewhere that you can actually plant in the fall....sigh

I found an excellent recipe for sweet relish that used zucchini instead of cucumbers. Excellent way to use them up. Zucchini was one of the only things that did well (too well) in my pathetic garden this year. :)

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