Newberry National Volcanic Monument

 I've never had the opportunity to see something like this before. The mounds and mountain of black lava rock were so cool! 

(Excuse the lousy photo editing. I was lazy and just pressed the "magic button" in Mac's iPhoto.)

They allow ten cars at a time to drive up to the top. The view were great up there!

This is the center and you can hike around the rim.

You can see in the next two picture were the lava ended and the forest begins. All of the black is very thick lava rocks. 

As you can see, the boys were stunned by the views!

Anonymous –   – (August 26, 2012 at 4:44 PM)  

The boys were obviously caught just before their complete faint over the beauty they had just seen. Have a great time.

Love you all,


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