Kazakhstan in the Olympics

The Land of Kaz seems to be doing well in their XXX Summer Olympic medal count.  Last I checked, they were at 6 gold medals.  This is the best they've done since being a part of the Games in 1994. Their president, President Nazarbayev, has awarded the gold medalists with $250,000 each.  And if you are familiar with the country, you'll understand just how large that sum of money would be to the average Joe.  He described their wins as "proud glories" from "outstanding daughters of our nation."
The boys, as American as they are, enjoy watching the medal counts of their birth countries. Grant particularly gets excited when he sees Kaz go for the gold; besides, gunning for the underdog can be pretty exciting too. Needles to say, we have one Kazakh-American in this house with some pride in his heritage! 

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