A Bicycle Built For Two


Happy Birthday Ally!

 Somehow thirteen happened way too fast.  

We went to a three hour school orientation today for Ally, and I don't know about her, but my head is spinning.  Who knew going to school three days a week could be so overwhelming. We sat down in the auditorium and next thing I knew we had two other girls sitting with us. Boy, she makes friends fast. Let's hope she remembers school is for instruction and not to expand her ever expanding social life! 

Happy Birthday, Allygirl! We love you!!!


Zucchini, Zucchini, & Zucchini

We ended up with one zucchini plant that was supposed to be a Japanese cucumber. This one zucchini plant generously gave us an exorbitant amount of veggies, and we don't really even care for it. So I froze some and grated some to bake into chocolate chip zucchini bread. The kids love it; good thing too since they will be pulling the frozen muffins and loafs for months to come. I ended up pulling the plant up to make room for some fall kale. Kale chips, anyone?


Benham Falls

 The hike to Benham Falls is beautiful. Well, except for the stretch where the mosquitoes had a hungry army awaiting our arrival. 

Looks like Eric caught up with the convicts. By the way, they want to dress alike most days. I'm wondering when that will come to an end?

Gram and Pop are troopers. They are game for anything we decide to do! 

Benham Falls is a stretch of Class 6 white water through craggy rock. It is gorgeous and powerful!

The crew minus me. 

And, there I am. 

The drive home is just as pretty!

 For one particular side of my family: Mt. Adams! 


High Desert Museum and The Front Porch

 Good 'Ole Smokey

We liked this kitty!

The Newest Pioneers of the West

The highlight of Jake's vacation, evidently.

The deer would come right up to our deck and front porch. So cool to sit and watch them!

She didn't seem impressed with our garage. Guess she's not much of a ping pong or air hockey player!


Newberry National Volcanic Monument

 I've never had the opportunity to see something like this before. The mounds and mountain of black lava rock were so cool! 

(Excuse the lousy photo editing. I was lazy and just pressed the "magic button" in Mac's iPhoto.)

They allow ten cars at a time to drive up to the top. The view were great up there!

This is the center and you can hike around the rim.

You can see in the next two picture were the lava ended and the forest begins. All of the black is very thick lava rocks. 

As you can see, the boys were stunned by the views!


What is the Deepest Lake in America?

 At over 1,900 feet deep, Oregon's Crater Lake is the deepest! It sits at almost 8,000 feet elevation and gets over 500 inches of snow a year. In fact, they don't have many of the roads open there until July! It is beautiful though! See for yourself! 

Wizard Island:

Goofy husband's vacation photo


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