International District

 For us, no visit to a large city is complete without trying out their Chinatown for some good eats. Seattle did not disappoint. The history in this town is pretty intriguing as well. 

And the architecture is pretty cool too.

 They restored some of the store fronts back to the thirties.

And lucky for us, the Wing Luke Pan Asian Museum was free that day. 

I think you always find the most interesting shops on the side streets! This was outside of one of the most crowded aquarium stores I'd ever seen. 

But they certainly had some cute kiddos to lure you in! These guys were just out chasing pigeons practicing their hello. They didn't speak much English after that.

Here are my little "prisoners" as Eric called them.  This hotel was from the 1920s although I don't think it is a hotel any longer.

Eric thought I was nuts walking around to find the Panama Hotel but it has history for me. I read and loved the book Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet followed by Only What We Could Carry which were a fiction and non-fiction books regarding the Japanese pre and post Camp Harmony during WWII. Great reads! 

The Panama Hotel was reopened after a long closure and many personal belongings of the Japanese immigrants that were hidden during this time. It also reopened the sento again one of the only Japanese bath houses still in use today.

At the local park, we sat and waited for our tour guide of Seattle to pick us up and listened to a man playing the Erhu (?).

 Imagine doing the gardening at this house! 

The houseboats were pretty cool too.

The troll under the bridge was initially placed there to keep the other neighborhood's trash from landing there. It worked as it's now just a tourist attraction. 

That's a VW bug under his hand!

Our tour guide gave us some amazing views of the city. See Mt. Helens on the right?

Jake was absolutely thrilled to go for a 90 minute tour of the city. HA! The tour guide did complement on how well behaved the kids were though. 

Kristi  – (August 3, 2012 at 5:12 PM)  

I do believe I need to add Seattle back to my list of cities to see, even though I was there once with my family. I had no idea there was a Chinatown...

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