Just some pics....

Just some pics of Sliver Creek State Park. There is a "Trail of Ten Falls" of which we saw seven, I believe. 

Behind the Falls


Jake's Journey Home

If you've been considering putting blog to book, I can now recommend Blurb. I finally finished revising some of the blog posts about Jake's joining our family in a book called Jake's Journey Home. I purchased my book and was so pleased with it. The quality is great and it's a nice hard back book for Jake to keep forever. I'm really glad I did it despite the amount of time that went into it. I did a huge scrapbook for Grant, but wish I had this available at the time.  I think I will eventually get each year put into a book to keep for family memories. 

If anyone is interested, you can download Jake's Journey Home on an iphone or ipad for free. Just click THIS LINK from the ipad or iphone.  You will have to sign in or make a free Blurb account. Then download from there.  Please don't feel obligated as I did this really for family memory and as keepsake for Jake. 

Omi and Grandpop have come in for a visit so the blog has been a little quiet while we visit. Grant has played more Cribbage games than I can count with Grandpop and there have also been plenty of whiffle ball games too!

Just to make sure everyone is having a great day, Betty is giving you her best smile. And yes, she has a t-shirt on.  She was cold....or, maybe I like to make her look as ridiculous as possible because it makes me giggle a little. 


Sibling Rivalry

Lola knows she's not allowed on the couch. She also knows she's not a lap dog, but sometimes she just can't help herself. After all, the lap dog gets so much more attention. Betty's legs are sticking out and she's wedged in between me and the plus size dog. I think Lola even has a dejected look on her face!


World Cup Winner

Evidently the World Cup was played right here in our town this week and Grant played for Spain. He was pretty excited to win the cup at soccer camp!


Mr. Inspiration

Jake got a special award at camp for his inspiring spirit. The coach was describing the winner as one who "likes to help out, follows instructions, always makes everyone laugh, and has to take lots of bathroom breaks". As soon as the coach mentioned the multitude of potty breaks, I whipped out my camera.


Driving Miss Betty


Making the Most of It

 This week Ally and I have been trying to take advantage of our girl time. Jake stays at soccer camp until noon, and Grant stays until 3 pm.  One morning we went window shopping and then split a hot dog. Not just any hot dog. It was wrapped with bacon placed on top of Korean BBQ and topped with wasabi mayo, seaweed, and kimchi. You see why we split it! We also went for a braces removal appointment.

I think she's happy!

Before we picked up Jake, we headed out to clothes shop for school She isn't required to wear uniforms and has been asking to buy some.  Getting out of her pajamas for school will be a new thing for her! Then we picked up Jake and headed out for sushi.  Jake loves the sushi carousel.  All that good food just circling around you!  

Talk about fresh fish! You watch them cut and slice it up. 

I remember when we were in China and Jake saw the tiny smelt swimming around in a black tub of water.  He was so angry with his new Baba because we wouldn't buy them. I remember him complaining about us to our coordinator who explained that this new mama and baba had no way of cooking them for him in the hotel room! Well, today, he got his fried smelt, head and all. He enjoyed EVERY PIECE of them too. 

You can see his sushi plates to the left in the picture all stacked up. Then he eyed up the food that the lady next to him was eating.  This kind Japanese woman offered him some of the food off her plates twice! He topped off his lunch with some red bean ice cream and loved every second of eating it! 

I love taking him places to eat like this because he enjoys eating this stuff so much. I never seen a kid really enjoy the aspect of eating as much as Jake. He never takes it for granted.  


The Magna Doodle Writings

Evidently, Jake was putting thoughts down on Magna Doodle last night in bed. After he feel asleep, I noticed what he wrote:

I Like to have my one brother.

And, well, that one sentence just speaks volumes, doesn't it? 


Moving On To.....

Soccer! That's right. The boys are off to soccer camp every.day.this.week. (I'm sure you can see the gleam from my smile from behind the camera). They've had a lot of energy lately, and I'm hoping this week burns it off because they've exhausted me! :-)


The Sunbather

We've discovered that Betty enjoys sunbathing and watching tv particularly The Dog Whisperer. Funny girl.


It's King Tut

 No, no. That's not King Tut. That's Grant playing "big chess" with daddy at the science center in Seattle. This boy does love him some chess! The outcome, you're wondering? Well, there was some confusing between the two as to whether it was a stalemate or a tie. 

At the science center, they were hosting the King Tut exhibit which was it's last stop before returning home. It was really incredible to think just how old these pieces were. 

He even took his cat's remains with him, and.....

his toilet seat!

Evidently there were several of these smaller "caskets" for his vital organs. This one was for his stomach. 

Never know when you might need to sit down after you die.

Pillow, anyone?

If I'm remembering correctly, this was another coffin for an important vital organ.

Incredibly interesting exhibit for all of us except Jake.  With the exception of the toilet seat, he was bored and tired with it all. 


Meet Betty

Betty is a Jack Russell/Chi mix who likes to lay on your lap and sleep, follow you around, look cute, steal toys, and sniff everywhere.
She's hopelessly cute and tiny, and she even has the big guy in the house thinking she's all that and a bag of chips!  

Let this be a lesson to you all: Never let your children "just look at the puppies" when the pet rescue people are looking for homes for them. It's dangerous. You'll cave for those sad eyes and cuddly ways before you even get home from your vacation.  In case you're wondering, I did have a panicked "what the heck did I just do - I have three kids and two dogs" moment after we came home.   It has taken a couple days to wear off and I can't guarantee that my anxiety attack won't come back. Guess I'll just have to sit and watch a movie with my ever present new friend - aka lap dog. Any suggestions and helpful tips with puppy training would be appreciated.

She was just to hard to say no to.

Hmmm....they seem slightly comfortable.

Can't be comfortable!


International District

 For us, no visit to a large city is complete without trying out their Chinatown for some good eats. Seattle did not disappoint. The history in this town is pretty intriguing as well. 

And the architecture is pretty cool too.

 They restored some of the store fronts back to the thirties.

And lucky for us, the Wing Luke Pan Asian Museum was free that day. 

I think you always find the most interesting shops on the side streets! This was outside of one of the most crowded aquarium stores I'd ever seen. 

But they certainly had some cute kiddos to lure you in! These guys were just out chasing pigeons practicing their hello. They didn't speak much English after that.

Here are my little "prisoners" as Eric called them.  This hotel was from the 1920s although I don't think it is a hotel any longer.

Eric thought I was nuts walking around to find the Panama Hotel but it has history for me. I read and loved the book Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet followed by Only What We Could Carry which were a fiction and non-fiction books regarding the Japanese pre and post Camp Harmony during WWII. Great reads! 

The Panama Hotel was reopened after a long closure and many personal belongings of the Japanese immigrants that were hidden during this time. It also reopened the sento again one of the only Japanese bath houses still in use today.

At the local park, we sat and waited for our tour guide of Seattle to pick us up and listened to a man playing the Erhu (?).

 Imagine doing the gardening at this house! 

The houseboats were pretty cool too.

The troll under the bridge was initially placed there to keep the other neighborhood's trash from landing there. It worked as it's now just a tourist attraction. 

That's a VW bug under his hand!

Our tour guide gave us some amazing views of the city. See Mt. Helens on the right?

Jake was absolutely thrilled to go for a 90 minute tour of the city. HA! The tour guide did complement on how well behaved the kids were though. 


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