Thirty eight. That's "my number" as the boys call it. Of course, Eric kindly reminded me each day for a couple of days prior to my birthday. How nice of him! My kids were definitely way more excited about my big day than I was and they were super sweet too. 

My morning toast and coffee in bed....

flowers from mom and dad....

Ally insisted on doing my nails (I don't ever paint my fingernails so that I don't draw more attention than necessary to my hands, but I don't think they look too bad painted!) 

She also painted my toes orange complete with an Orioles O to get ready for next weeks baseball games. You all can thank me for  showing my good foot! 

And this. This was my date for dinner right after he gave me some sparkly earrings. He looks excited, doesn't he? This is a picture of man who is so excited to take a girl on a date! 

No worries though, I woke him up so we could head up to the restaurant and enjoy the views of Portland, Mt. Hood, and Mt. St. Helens. We also enjoyed this pretty appetizer of crab, avocado and mango salsa! YUM! 

This particular restaurants signature is the warm chocolate lava cake with oozing Godiva chocolate and a toffee crunch.   Eric said to order is ahead of time as it takes about 30 minutes to arrive at the table. Well.Worth.The.Wait! 

And my date stayed awake the whole evening! 


His First Trophy

And he's pretty proud!


A Week's Worth

 Gram and Pop have left for home and hopefully are resting well! We kept them busy with hiking, playing badmitten, shopping, and baseball games. They sat through two of the wettest, coldest games of the season! Yesterday, Jake was sitting in the back seat saying, "I already miss Grammy and Poppy!".  Me too, bud; me too! 

I didn't take very many pics while they were here. I wasn't looking or feeling my best. My shingles has been a pretty mild case I think.  I still have some terrible looking spots on my hairline, redness on my face, and taking steroid drops for my left eye for about another week (hopefully).  I'll be happy when I can use contacts and masacra though! 

(near Tillamook Bay)

Ally & Pop

I had an early birthday lunch with my parents complete with cake and large candle (or small firework)

Grant received this hover craft for his birthday. Really a fun toy! 

Ally & Gram


The good, the bad, & the ugly

Good news first: my parents are here visiting. We managed to surprise the kids. Boy were they surprised when they saw Grammy and Poppy walking through the airport with clown noses and funny glasses on. So fun! I'm sooo glad they are here!

Bad news: I found out I have shingles. The spots are on my face, eyelid, and scalp. This makes me cranky. Also makes me mad that my immune system won't cooperate despite the fact that I've had the shingles vaccine.

Ugly news: That would be describing me with red oozing swollen spots on my face covered in calamine lotion. It ain't pretty and you won't be seeing a pic of me for awhile. You can thank me later!


Old Friends (figuratively, of course!)

It's been a little quiet around here. That's because I was sitting around the house eating bon bons watching my shows again. 

Oh, how I wish! I seriously don't know where my days have been going actually. I seem to look up at the clock and it will be after three pm and think, "How did that happen?".  Our days seem to just get busier around here. Ball season is still here and will be through part of July! 

But today, we had a treat! Very dear friends (who now live in Texas) came up to Seattle to visit family. So the kids and I headed up early this morning towards a town just outside Seattle. Allyson and Garrett were only two when they first met, but have always been very sweet friends. Not just the normal playmate, but always had a close bond even as very young children. Garrett has always been so sweet around her and protective in a good way.  They hadn't seen each other in about four years, but after a few awkward silences, they were back to normal. Garrett is now way taller than me! So weird seeing kids grow up. Ally and Garrett are looking so mature to me! And I'm thankful for awesome Christian friends who are dedicated to raising a true man of faith! 

It was so good to see "old friends" again especially since we are in a new place. I miss my friends and it takes so long to really know new friends well.  My friend Darcy, Garrett's mom, is one of those lifetime friends that you keep in touch with. And, oh my, her parents are dear! Her mom, Sara's, southern drawl reminds me of a few southern belles in my past. Such sweet people that I enjoyed getting to know.  

Hopefully, next time we will be able to spend more time with them! 


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