School? What school?

Monday was simply too beautiful to be inside so we blew off school and declared a field trip. After all, we've finished several subjects including history. Our history board is full of a cast of characters including St. Francis of Assisi, Nero, William Wallace and Robert Bruce, Constantine, good ole Leif and Ghengis, not to forget Ghengis' grandson Kublai Khan, the Aztecs and the Inkas, not to be outdone by the Mayans and the Maoris.  The list of greats goes on and on throughout the Middle Ages to include Roger Bacon, John Huss, Wycliffe, and Gutenberg.

Grant's zoology course is complete as well so the zoo seemed a perfect option on a perfect day.  Off we went to the Oregon Zoo. Mr. Zoology gave us a tour and let us know that polar bears actually have black skin, all about hippo poop, bat behavior, eagle wing span......... you get the idea. Grant loved his zoology science curriculum this year and, evidently from our tour, he learned a whole lot.

We just took our point and shoot camera as it's nice and light. Ally and I took turns snapping pics. The point and shoot just doesn't do as well!

We even stopped by and African village so Grant could show us his mad drumming skills.

Sadly, it was in this African village that Allyson was beheaded by the lion.

Jake wanted his picture taken with the hippo's - uh- bottom.

Such a good Chinese kid with his "V" sign. LOL

He still loves a good tractor!

 All in all, a nice break and a fun time with my kiddos!!!!

Kristi  – (May 9, 2012 at 2:08 PM)  

Hippo bottoms and V signs. Oh Jake ~ I adore you!
Looks like it was a fantastic day teacher!

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