San Er

I purchased a necklace and charm from Jiayin Designs and it came in just in time for Mother's Day.  I hadn't really purchased myself a gift. Really, Jiayin Designs was having a sale and I've been wanting to buy one for as long as it has been in business. It just happened to be timing.  This charm was made by a woman in China who engraves your child's Chinese name for the charm. The three lines on the top stand for San meaning three and the Pi looking symbol is for Er meaning child or boy. 

I didn't realize the three pearls came with it too (Thanks, Kelly!!!!).  I am loving this necklace!

(Please pardon the number of old woman freckles in the pic! How embarrassing!!!)

Right now Jiayin Designs is giving 10% of your purchase to the Sparrow Fund helping families with their decision to bring children to their forever home. 

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