Heather Feather, How Does Your Garden Grow?

(Sorry for the picture heavy post. But Eric said that since he worked so hard this weekend, his handiwork better be "blog-worthy"!) 

When we purchased our house, it was too late in the season and too hectic to attempt the garden which was waaaayyyy over grown by several years of neglect. The raspberry bushes had taken over to compete with the waist high weeds. But this! This was our year. At least we're hoping it is. It was extremely hard work being the supervisor for this project, let me tell ya! 

The entrance trellis is starting to grow it's ivy and is looking lovely and old! 

 But the garden required a heavy duty tiller rental which my hardworking hubby started to do right after he got home from work on Friday night. The garden is about 17 x 20 ft so tilling was no small task and required all of Friday night and part of Saturday to accomplish. 

Let's just say that Eric wasn't too happy with Adam or Eve at this point. He was muttering under his breath about toiling the ground and all.

Then he pulled in some muscle. Jake is always excited for heavy machinery! 

Then Miss Muscle herself helped. Seriously, helped. This kid was definitely built after her dad. She really is a hard worker and has a ton of strength. 

Of course, the help was tormented a bit! But progress was made by Saturday afternoon! (The bushes around the fence are raspberries. And while, we got rid of some of them, I had to keep some too!) 


Let the planting begin!! 

 We (meaning Eric and Ally) planted lettuce.....

 Different kinds of peppers and cucumbers......

Tomatoes, strawberries, corn (just a little)......

celery, green onions, and added some cilantro!! I have basil, lavender, and pineapple mint growing in my wall containers at the patio area.  

The raspberry bushes that we left are in great shape for fruit! 

I have no doubt that Eric was looking forward to going to work this Monday morning. He worked so hard this weekend. I've always wanted a garden, a real garden. But cannot really do the physical part of getting the ground toiled and planted. Eric and Ally did such a great job and I'm looking forward to taking care of it. I'm liking this Mother's Day present!!! 

Our backyard has been taking in all the rain that we've had this rainy season and is blooming beautifully! We've had some success with our plants so far:

And some gardening failures. (Note: Never plant something where your husband just sprayed weed killer) 

Of course, what Mother's Day would be complete without a water balloon fight and a game of wiffle ball.  Right? That's what you all do......right? 

I promise we feed him. He is an eating machine!! 

By the way, I've decided shirts for little boys is pointless. They just gets stains that are impossible to get out. I'm going to go out on a limb and just say that this probably won't be the last picture you'll see this summer of the boys not wearing shirts. Shirts are highly overrated! 

Omi –   – (May 14, 2012 at 9:39 PM)  

There's no better gift than the of time (and sweat) from a wonderful husband. Ally, Grant and Jake, you're seethearts too. MISS YOU ALL!

PS. I love my yellow rose bush and pictures, thank you all. xoxoOXoxox

Love Omi

Anonymous –   – (May 14, 2012 at 11:40 PM)  

Nothing like a little sweat and turning the soil for a summer of fresh veggies. Eric needed some extra workout time I'm sure.
All your pics are great, I haven't played with my new camera enough to post any good pics yet, they are coming.
Love Uncle David

Kristi  – (May 16, 2012 at 10:55 PM)  

I know that i'm not supposed to covet.
I'm totally coveting your little garden. Great work Eric!
And I so get the shirtless boy thing. We're giving Clorox 2 a run for the money...

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