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Okay, so maybe the title of the post is just a tad overzealous. Alright, a lot overzealous. But there's big happenings in our neighborhood per my VERY EXCITED twelve year old daughter. You see she came home from playing with one of her friends in the neighborhood after she ran into her other friend in the neighborhood who told her that they were filming Leverage "right here! right now!" at the end of the street! Got that? I couldn't possible type as fast as she talks nor with the amount of adjectives she used. 

Seriously, what else could make twelve year old girls this excited? They haven't even watched the show, but they were just sure that Brad Pitt was there. ~insert chuckle here~  Ahhh, my little neighborhood may never be the same. You know, going Hollywood and all.  

They stayed to watch, take video of their own, and snap a few photos. She sent me this one: 
A little fuzzy??? 

There are a couple of "B" type shows that are filmed here and rent cars from Eric's offices. (Think Grimm, Portlandia, and Leverage). The Twilight Sagas were filmed in Oregon as well. And, at the time, everyone thought it was another underfunded "B" movie. I'd say they did pretty well! I don't watch Leverage myself, but thought I'd look up where else they've been filming in Oregon. This two minute video shows several places right where I live. It also shows the Governor Hotel of Portland built in 1909 where Eric and I had the privilege of spending our evening for the diabetes fundraiser. The hotel's ballrooms are beautiful and the architecture is just something you don't see everyday. 

(I didn't have to time to figure out how to put a vimeo video into my post) 

Click on The Many Faces of Oregon to see the video!  

Julie  – (May 20, 2012 at 6:56 PM)  

That is way cool! I bet that was very exciting for her. :) Maybe next time, she could be an extra. You never know....

Annie  – (May 21, 2012 at 9:27 PM)  

Too funny! They film Army Wives right around here but I have never watched that show either! For a 12 yr old girl, however, this is BIG news!!! Cute!

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