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I think we are truly Northwesterners now considering its 68 degrees and the kids are swimming. I actually had to go sit under the umbrella as my body is cowering away from those - what do you call them? - rays of sunshine? I have a feeling we'll be here a lot this summer!


Memorial Day Road Trip (3)

 Wow! Our road trip didn't feel rushed or overwhelming at all until I looked at the pictures. We crammed a lot in to three days.  I still have another post after this one! 

Sunday started off with a morning hike. More like me following my family up and down small trails hoping to get down to the tide pools.  

Eric took this picture so Ally would like she was in the clouds. Those two are goofy! 

They climbed on monoliths and trees all weekend! 

Ally's favorite part about the beach! The Tidepools! 

So dramatic! Sticky sea anemones! 

After tide pooling for a bit, we headed out for a hike at a state park and then drove up to where there are about 200 or so seal lions.  

The rhododendron garden was beautiful! 

The lighthouse in this picture is being renovated but the house it belongs with is a bed and breakfast. Talk about awesome views! 

This little guy was inside the cave trying to make his way up on the rocks. 

There is an elevator that has been built so you can easily get down into the cave to view them. Whew! There is a lot of stink in a confined space! 

Outside the cave some distance away is another rock where they like to hang out. 

Check the big guy out at the top of the picture. He's sitting facing the ocean.  He was the biggest and no one was messing with him! 

However, these guys were not too happy with each other. Eventually the other sea lions made a circle around them as they argued! 

There were a few aggressive bites too. I know there is a ridiculous amount of pictures, but I just couldn't dwindle it down anymore. Rest assured, there will be more pictures. 


Memorial Day Road Trip (2)

 Next stop, California! 

And into the Jedediah Smith National Redwood Forest. 

What kid doesn't like climbing trees? Only this time, they are huge! 

We had some goofy weirdness going on. (I'm not showing you my goofy pictures!) 

This is the largest in this particular grove of trees. 

Again, how strong is daddy? I bet he can lift one of these trees! 

And on one foot!


Memorial Day Road Trip (1)

 We are home from our road trip down towards the center of Oregon into Northern California and backup the scenic 101 following the coast.  I have so many pictures from this trip that I had to just post a few tonight. My neck hurts from editing!! Sheesh! 

We pretty much decided that we'd stop wherever there were pretty views which meant we stopped VERY frequently even if it was just for a minute. Talk about a great trip. 

I packed two coolers of food so we weren't spending time finding places to eat. Considering where we were (in the middle of nowhere), finding places to eat would have been difficult anyway! 

This kid seriously loves wandering around looking at things.

Talk about a clean river! 

The boys enjoyed determining what large rocks they thought daddy could and couldn't lift. Of course, he wasn't about to not show them his "power" so he made lots of noise and funny faces lifting this rock. Yep, he's good at effect. 

 Love the look on Jake's face. Priceless! 

Better pics coming tomorrow if I can find my way out from under the laundry pile! 


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