Mom's Taxi is BUSY!!!

updated: realized tonight that the coach accidentally said pics were this Saturday. Actually they are next Saturday. Whew!! He had originally told me to go straight from Jake's pics to his game even. Either way, that's going to make for a less stressful day. 

I've got one insane schedule this Saturday for opening day. My head is hurting just thinking about it! 

7:30  Pancake Breakfast fundraiser
8:30 Opening ceremonies. Two boys, two different places in a gym packed with people
9:15 Jake's pictures
11:00 Jake's ball game
12:15 Grant's pictures
1:00 Grant's game
2:30 Ally's game

4:00 pm Mom's hot bath (thinking I'll need to just schedule that in too!) 
Events in different places.  I need to multiply myself and quick! Eric always seems to miss out on opening day chaos. That darn "work thingy" keeps getting in the way every year! 

Omi –   – (April 21, 2012 at 7:48 AM)  

So lets seet, Eric is doing that work thingy in Florida?? Wonder how many rounds of golf they all had to work through!! Love all the great pictures. Grandpa enjoyed a reminiscent laugh over the "Deal or No Deal" game they played Als together.

Love Omi

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