He Turned SIX!

Jake's 6th birthday was a success.  He started off his morning with Grant sitting in bed with him reading him a story. (The boys aren't allowed out of their rooms until Eric goes downstairs since they tend to party like it's 1984 at about 4 AM when said rule is not in place.) Then Grant made Jake breakfast and served him frozen waffles since his pathetic mother is not a morning person and was still trying to get out of bed.  After a little math and science this morning as well as baking Jake's cake, we headed to a family fun center that's close to home! 

And once again, I took a ton of pictures and can't decide which ones to narrow it down too!

Because you just can't squirt your sister enough!

And then, of course, expect her help when you're scared!

Meet Spidey! This kid can climb!

For anyone whose wondering, he's six. Hehehe

And a darn good lookin' kid!

With an unconventional means of putt-putting!

I think he may have enjoyed this ride, you think?

This is the human blender otherwise known as Max Flight. I knew Grant and Ally love going upside down but was concerned Jake wouldn't think it was fun. I was wrong. He loved it!

The rock climbing was on a counter weight system which cause Jake to just hang if he didn't put any effort into coming down. Hello? 911? Yes, my child is stuck on a rock climbing wall. Could you please send the fire department?

Of course, you don't really turn six until the birthday deed is done either-- per Jake. I know you all will be jealous over my mad cake decorating skills.  :-)

Grant said Jake had to have this gear. Yuck!

I'm sure it was all a boy's ploy so they could do this: (As if my house isn't loud enough)

Jake has been blessed with an amazing, caring, and protective big brother

And a big sis who spoils and cares for him deeply. (Man, check that girl's teeth out, Awe-to-the-some!)

This makes for three very special kiddos including one very happy six year old boy!

And after putt-putt, laser tag, jungle gyms, rock climbing, bumper boats, go-carts, tight rope walking obstacle courses, and rides, this day made for one very tired mama! Whew!

Kelly the Overthinker  – (April 5, 2012 at 12:19 AM)  

So precious! His face on that ride and over the cake made me laugh aloud (after midnight mind you in my silent house...why am I still up?)

Oh, Jake...can't believe he's 6 already. Why do these kids have to get big, huh? Did you see the Vance's just came home with two more?

Kristi  – (April 5, 2012 at 3:57 PM)  

Love that SIX picture! He is so stinkin' cute. Glad that it was an awesome day!

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