Grant's Birthday Fun

 Grant certainly had a fun day yesterday. Although the weather didn't cooperate for his birthday as it had for Jake's, we had good times at the Big Al's Arcade.  I made a poor decision in just using my iphone for pics. Evidently I take horrible iPics while holding multiple coats, winning arcade tickets, and a purse. But you'll get the idea anyway. 

I don't really want to think about the amount of dollars he spent playing his favorite game Deal or No Deal. Let's just say he should never be allowed to go to Vegas. 

The jump rope game is a big hit too. I guess paying a buck to jump an imaginary rope is so much more fun than the one we have at home. Go figure!

Grant is a dancing machine. He loves to dance! I thought it was funny as he was dancing to a Japanese pop group with a techno sound. 

Then we headed downstairs to the big screens for lunch. Grant picked his seat so he could watch the Orioles play. Daddy will be proud!

After laughing through the movie Mirror Mirror, we headed to a cupcake shop and picked out our delights to sing Happy Birthday with. 

Mine was a cinnamon cake with maple buttercream frosting and bacon on top. Ahhhhh!!!! YUM!

Grant chose a grasshopper cupcake, and Ally and Jake chose a southern biscuit cake with cream cheese buttercream and a raspberry filling. I had a bite of Jake's as he's not big on sweets (what's a matter with that kid anyway!) and oh, so delicious! 

Grant has this timing with his birthday. He always manages to get two parties or two celebrations. Maybe it's his middle kid ways. We get to celebrate as a family again on Sunday when Eric comes home. My full cake decorating "abilities" will be on display again! 

Omi –   – (April 21, 2012 at 7:53 AM)  

Paying for jumprope...must be the lights! Don't tell my grandchildren had the best cupcake, yumm!


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