That Kid's Mine!

Some cute, adorable, little boy sang with his class in church today. Sorry for the lousy pic. Taking a picture with an iphone while trying to be a little discrete does not make for good photography! Jake did great and belted out the songs whether he knew all the words or not. Of course, I waved several times. Okay, I may have stood up so he could see where I was. And I may have taken several more lousy pictures during the performance. 

Today at lunch, he sang the "Fishers of men" song, but he's was slightly different from the original. It went something like: "I will make you fish!" instead of fishers of men. Ah, to each his own! 

Grant has been attending children's choir. You know how that boy does love to sing. He's in a musical. Evidently, it's a jazzy version of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo.  Looking forward to this one! 

This particular church we've been visiting now for several weeks and seems to be a good fit overall. It includes a large homeschooling community as well as an Asian community in the church congregation. It also includes a private school where children attend 3 days a week and homeschool with a parent for 2 days out of the week. It wouldn't be possible to get the boys into this school for next year as the wait list is very long. I was planning on homeschooling them anyway though. We are considering this option for Allyson though. No firm decision yet. 

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