Lola's Report Card

If you've followed my blog awhile, you know that our dog Lola has her issues. She really is quite an easy dog with the exception of her defiant behavior when we leave her for vacation, and- well, I'll just admit it- her secret overeating addiction. You may remember her sneaky ways into my pantry pulling out and eating an entire loaf of bread, all but two cookies from a new pack, and then there's the fish. She ate ALL of the fish I cooked for dinner when I ran out quickly to pick up Ally from soccer. Oh, and the time she pulled the  dining room tablecloth off to get to the Hershey kisses. Remember the defiant behavior while we were on vacation time and time again? Peeing in the bed of the kind soul who was dog sitting for us? She also regularly pooped in his shower! She never poops or pees in my house; she was just darn mad we left for vacation without her. 

So this vacation, we boarded her. Wait - it was a "pet hotel".  Although I didn't, I could have paid for the suite with the tv.   Not.Even.Kidding.  I did buy some "bundle" that included doggie soft serve ice cream and biscuit night and a peanut butter kong. (I keep accidentally thinking bong; maybe I've already lived in Oregon too long. Hehehe!).   This hotel was run by the PetSmart people who booted Lola's butt out of their grooming service despite her diploma proving graduation from their obedience school. I considering placing her there under an alias, but didn't want to risk her being thrown in the slammer and all. 

She stayed for a week during which time I called to ask them to bathe her prior to her check out. They kept saying how sweet she was and mentioned they had two dogs named Lola. I figured they must have been talking about the other one! They even said she played well with other dogs.  Lola? Play? Whaaaat?    We picked her up late Friday night, and they handed Eric her report card. 


Can you believe it? I know what you're thinking. I'm paying them so what were they going to say, right? But her report card reads:

Sweetheart! Lola had a great mini-vacation. She loves to get all the attention! Lola is very sweet and loves to greet all our puppies! - Hope to have this sweetheart again!

I'm still in shock.  Must have been that soft serve doggie ice cream that made the girl happy! 

Omi –   – (March 22, 2012 at 7:15 AM)  

Must have been chocolate ice cream. All girls love chocolate.

Love Omi

Omi –   – (March 22, 2012 at 7:21 AM)  

Must have been chocolate ice cream. All girls love chocolate. Are you sure you have the right dog?

Love Omi

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