Happy Nauryz!

Happy Nauryz Everyone! It's that time of year in Kazakhstan to forgive debts and offenses, and overcome evil with good. It should also mean that spring is here; however, the Northwest didn't get the memo because we were awakened by the alarm in our house several times throughout the night letting us know that the power was out. Evidently it was caused by heavy snow breaking a large tree branch on top of a power line. Yes, I said snow. The white, cold stuff I didn't really want to see in our mild winter!

But, alas, there it was. By the way, these pics were taken with my iphone in a sleep-induced stupor prior to my coffee which means basically that I was not coherent. 

The kids,  however,  finished work rather quickly so they could play outside. Jake was only interested in licking the big ball of snow he made. (Don't worry, mom. I stopped him considering that's where Lola ummm.... does her business.)

Poor Jake is having nightmares again. He ended up sleeping with Ally last night because I just couldn't make him sleep  in his room alone. Ally offered for him to come into her room. He totally has Jie Jie wrapped around his finger! He has never been big on sleeping in his own room. Despite me repeatedly telling me to come get me, he doesn't ever come in. When I ask him why, he says he doesn't want to wake me up. I think it's because he still hates it when anyone sees him cry.  I just feel so badly for him. We've tried stuffed animals, calm music, multiple flashlights and night lights. I'm hoping he grows out of these quickly. 

Omi –   – (March 24, 2012 at 10:43 AM)  

We'll pray for our sweetie. Looks like Allly has some competition in the art department. Great job guys.

Love you all, Omi XOXOXO

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