A Dose of Vitamin D

Who said Oregon was only gray and rainy?  What gorgeous weather! We finished school early, hit the gym, and then headed out. Gotta pack in that Vitamin D when you can around here! 

Some were climbing trees....

Some couldn't quite make it up!

 See? Told you it was beautiful! This park is right by our house and it's a great little walk with a small pond and the Tualatin River. 

Big sis always helps him out and shows him fun things!

Good day for a bike ride. Only problem is this old girl finds it hard to keep up! Speaking of old, Jake told Eric that I wasn't fat but I was old. Eric asked why mommy was old. Jake replied, "Well, 'cause she go 'creak, creak' like this when she walk!" (He was making his fingers walk when he said this to show Eric).  Stinker!

The hill headed back home seems pretty steep when you're tired. When Eric and the kids go running, this is what the kids beat him at! Ally (again) is helping Jake get up the hill on his scooter. Then she headed back down to get her bike and rode back up again! Hmmm.....maybe she could get us both up that hill if I ride on her handlebars.  (wink, wink)

Omi –   – (February 5, 2012 at 5:46 AM)  

What a day to enjoy God's beautiful creation. I love insane numbers of pictures, especially since you have such wonderful subjects.

Love Omi

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