You Know it's Time to Do Laundry When.....

While working on his handwriting page, Jake says, "Um, Mom, just so you know, I could use some new underwear".  He doesn't even bother to look up from the page he's working on. That's definitely a clue that

  1.  I've slacked off on daily laundry duty.
2. This evidently is a common occurrence at our house.  

Progress was made, however, when I taught Grant how to do laundry this week as well. That makes 4 out of 5 people capable of doing laundry in this house. Notice, I said capable.   Realistically the ratio is more like 2 out of 5. And considering how many pairs of little boys' jeans I've had to throw out recently due to large holes in the knees, my laundry pile is already dwindling. Yes, I decided a while ago not to fret over holes in jeans. After all, people sell them that way!  Otherwise, I'd be buying jeans every week!  But these holes were overtaking the jeans all the way around the leg making them the terrible fashion faux pax of "jean shorts".  

On a side note, I've been at a bit of a loss without our Chinese tutor we had back home. She was wonderful. (Classes at our local Chinese school are pricey). But I broke out the Chinese flashcards yesterday and discovered that although Jake is forgetting words, his pronunciation and tones are perfect. He can still say "Yu" (Chinese for fish) with the correct sound and tone too. A sound, in my opinion, that is not normal for an English speaking mouth to pronounce! It's more like a U-ee with a wide flat mouth while curling the tongue at just the correct angle. Our Bunny would be proud! 

Omi –   – (January 18, 2012 at 6:33 PM)  

I wonder if she could Skype you? Maybe her son could helpher.

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