Winner: The Loudest on the Street

Well, the neighbors know we're here. In case they weren't sure that loud people were living in the big brown house, today we made sure they knew. You see we have an alarm system that is missing the instruction manual. It's kind of intricate with a couple of main panels and keypads. I looked up the manual online for Eric to look at. However, being the man that he is, he never bothered to read through it and started pushing buttons. He didn't hit the "panic" button, but the combination he hit certainly did make us panic! 

The noise inside the house was a loud, shrill high-pitched beeping. However, the noise the alarm makes outside the house makes one think we are under a major terrorist attack! Of course, we couldn't disarm it either as I was frantically scrolling through the on-line manual. Eric was racing up and down the stairs from panel to panel and the kids were running back and forth from the front and back in again yelling, "It's loud! Make it stop!".  It went on for  an eternity (several minutes) and then finally stopped. 

I'm sure I'll have several of my neighbors saying, "Eric playing with the alarm?" the next time I'm at the mailbox!  

Kristi  – (January 3, 2012 at 10:31 PM)  

At least they weren't calling the police...

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