The Newest Aviators

 We headed to the Aviation museum for an aviation class today. Jake and I were able to hang out together, and Grant and Ally went into an older class. This time, the groups were divided into Kindergarten through 3rd and 4th through 12th grade.  I thought I'd try Grant in the older class hoping he'd find some challenges of being in an older group and separating the boys for a bit as Jake tends to hang on Grant's heels. 

The younger kids started off with the basics of flying, a short tour and then on to watch Fighter Pilot on the IMAX screen. (Cool!).  After lunch Jake was told to pick from different materials to make his own glider. 

Then the teacher had them follow her pattern and use her materials for a "real" glider. Pretty cool and a big hit when competing with the other kids.

 The tour onto the Spruce Goose was a huge hit too. 

With a wing span larger than a football field, it's an amazing thing too see. Today, it is the third largest plane in the world.  It's not made of spruce either, but rather birch. And another interesting fact is that 2 to 3 men were supposed to ride in the wings with an axe (in case of fire) and a chocolate bar (to tell if it was too hot). It has only flown one 35 minute flight. We were given a rare glimpse inside for a tour. 

 Prepare for take off! 

 Kids in action direct the "jet engine" to put the ball through the hoop. Score!

You should have seen Ally's face when she realized that Grant would be in her class for the day. So funny! Grant did really well though. They were told to make their own airplane and then they would compete to see whose could go the farthest. Grant's airplane place third. Not too shabby for a kid in third grade in a class that was for fourth through twelfth graders! 
It was made of a balloon, construction paper, straws, and a empty paper towel roll. Here's something weird though. The boys, as I mentioned, were in separate classes doing separate things. When we met up after the day ended, we realized that Grant and Jake both named their "planes" the same thing: Fighter!

Jake in the Spruce Goose cockpit. 

Kids had a great learning day. They were so excited to tell me about everything they learned on the ride home. I would much prefer a field trip that they learn from versus the "we get a day off of school" field trips! 

The Kings  – (January 21, 2012 at 9:09 AM)  

Looks like a fun opportunity for learning. So envious of all the neat places to go if you actually live in a populated area. :)

We had one of those "we get the day off" field trips yesterday. We were supposed to go skiing/snowboarding and they actually had to shut the ski area down because it was too cold to be out.....guess that would be why this is not a very populated area.

Julie  – (January 22, 2012 at 4:30 PM)  

Looks like fun! Max would love this as he is thinking of going into the Air Force when he is old enough.

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