Hola, Mexico!

After church today (tried a new one but that's another post), we headed to a Mexican restaurant that Eric had been to before.  He said they had the best fajitas he ever had in his life. 

Considering that's a big statement coming from the connoisseur of fajita eaters, I was eager to go. Eric warned me of the, shall we dare call it, decor! 
(excuse the iphone pics)

 I'm of the persuasion to say that you just can't go wrong with artificial flowers in an authentic Mexican restaurant. And just perhaps, the more ostentatious the design is, the better the food tastes. With Mexican music blaring, Eric literally danced in the aisle much to Ally's dismay! 

Even the ceiling cries, 'Hola, Mexico!"

This girl does love her fish tacos.

Our only unadventurous eater said his plain hamburger was very tasty! 

This guy was happy with his seafood/veggie soup and always eats Eric's leftover onions and green peppers. However, lamb soup and cow's stomach soup was also on the menu. I have no doubt he would have eaten either and enjoyed it. No doubt. 

BTW, what is it that makes little boys and a fresh haircut so maturing? They look so handsome and grown up! 

Allygirl is going in for minor oral surgery to hopefully remove an adult tooth below the gumline. If they pull back the gum line and see that the other tooth is damaged they will have to take out a different one and hope the other comes through. If you would, please pray she isn't in much pain and a quick recovery. Poor kiddo! Smoothie ingredients and ice cream are ready. 

Kristi  – (January 8, 2012 at 11:53 PM)  

Wow. About that decoration. Wow...
So, did you taste the fajitas? Were they all that?

And praying for your sweet girl!

Omi –   – (January 10, 2012 at 7:15 PM)  

Until I saw the Tucan bench seat I thought they were Christmas decorations in the one we had gone to.

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