Part 2: A Grandparent Worthy Post (picture heavy)

 The Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland was really pretty. We went to an orchid garden in Guangzhou in 2010 that looked very similar to this. The festivities for Chinese New Year were so much fun. There are several Chinese schools in the area so plenty of kiddos participated in entertaining. We also stopped in the tea house for a snack while waiting for one of the performances. We had a  black tea that had a very "woody" scent and was really yummy. Eric isn't a big fan of the Chrysanthemum teas we were offered in China so this tea was perfect. We were served tea in single gaiwans which requires you to tilt the top to prevent drinking the tea leaves and holding a couple of pieces of porcelain together. The lady in the shop said she was very impressed with Jake's tea drinking skills. Who knew? We also enjoyed a red bean moon cake and a puffed rice bar (think Chinese rice crispy treat). 

Those boys really aren't too far away from each other height wise. No wonder people asking if they're twins. 

The kids made paper lanterns and colored dragons

Waiting for tea!

And waiting for the show.....

I thought this little guy was adorable! 

This little girl was showing our kiddos how to do the Chinese yo-yo. 

Little did we know that we have a pro on our hands. We have a couple of these, but they hadn't been very interested in them (and Jake lost parts to them). But Jake just went to town on this thing! 

Grant and Ally got the hang of it too.

We finished the afternoon with a local Chinese restaurant that served pigeon and garlic dishes and a $90 bowl of shark fin soup. Nope, we didn't get it. Ally said the only thing she liked about the pigeon dish in China was dissecting the head. We stuck with Mongolian beef, crispy pork, beef noodle soup, and cashew chicken......really yummy! And no, I did not take a peek in the kitchen. There are some things you just don't want to know.  

Anonymous –   – (January 28, 2012 at 7:35 PM)  

Love these pics!

Kristi  – (January 29, 2012 at 11:46 PM)  

Sounds like a great day to celebrate. And I'm glad it included good foot. Cause as we all know, it's ALL about the food...

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