Gong Xi Fa Cai (Happy New Year!)

On Sunday, we added a few Chinese yummies to our dinner to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon. Now, it's no surprise to anyone that knows me, that I love Chinese food. Okay, so I love Vietnamese, Korean, Thai,  American.....yep, pretty much love food. But Jake and I made a trip to our local Asian market which has a sushi bar, bakery, grocery, very Asian seafood market, Thai food stall, jewelry store, and even furniture. Well, pretty much everything from the toilet seat (fancy ones too) to green bean popsicles.  Oh! And they have those delicious Chinese crullers too. We love them dipped in a good vinegar. But this was really more of having some time with Jake as he picked out some of his favorite things.  

(the writing on the packages is in Korean)

He loves Yu Choy cooked in garlic and soy sauce. He also picked out Pocky, plum candy, dumplings that were still hot, and a red bean paste donut. I love taking him because every single time, he picks things out with the intent of taking the treats home to share with Ally and Grant. Once home, he cut his  donut to share. Of course, Grant had no interest, but Ally does like the taste of red bean paste. The dumplings were gone in no time flat! 

Now, Nauryz the  Kazakh New Year, is coming up in March. Although we recognize the day, I don't cook for that one. Boiled goat's head, horse sausage, Shubat (fermented camal's milk), and Beshbarmak (meat and noodles usually horse meat) are on the menu. Considering Grant is the pickiest eater EVER and I'm not a big horse meat eater, the delicacies won't be made. We'll just recognize it for what it is as part of his Kazakh-American heritage. 

Kristi  – (January 26, 2012 at 3:59 PM)  

Due to some scheduling conflicts, we didn't get to make our dumplings on New Year's Eve. But we will be making them tomorrow with some of our friends. :)
And I love going to the Asian market with my kids too. Every time we go they make sure to tell me how much fun they had.

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