The Sun is Shinin' & the Ducks on the Pond

(Aunt Boots, thanks for the Christmas Card. It was the very first of the season! I was hoping friends and family wouldn't forget us out here!)
----Those that don't my family, yes! I actually have an Aunt Boots AND an Uncle Lefty. I didn't know their given names for the longest time growing up. I also had an Aunt Dooger too ---- insert sweet southern accent here "the sun is shinin' and the ducks on the pond".  I love good memories! 

Eric was up early to do a conference call at 6:45 with his employees. I asked who scheduled a meeting at such an ungodly hour...... and the culprit was (insert breathtaking drumroll......Eric! Sheesh! Unfortunately for his employees AND his dearest family, we were off to an early start. (Once the boys even hear a hint of Eric leaving for work, they hit the ground running!)
Poor Jake has had a rolling faucet for a nose lately. Yesterday, it really got the better of him so his school time was virtually nil. Evidently you forget how to read and count when your nose is runny and you don't feel well. Everybody gets sick days here and there.

(On a side note, Ally will be having a few sick days herself once January hits. We scheduled her oral surgery for the second week of January. The doctor is going to try to take out the tooth that is sitting below the gum line under the nicely aligned teeth above it!)

Anyway, Jake loves "chicken on the bone" as he likes to suck out the marrow and chew the cartilage after the meat is gone. Gross, I know, but it's just his favorite thing. So to help Mr. Muscles feel better, Mommy made "chicken on the bone" otherwise known as Lemon herb chicken...... pretty yummy!

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