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I've got a new workout partner and she's pretty cute! We recently joined a new gym.
 Exciting, right? Eric has always had a gym membership, but he likes the small gyms with "man weights".  You know the kind. The ones with big black weights that you take on and off and place on sweat stained black mats. He doesn't care for popular gyms because he doesn't like waiting for any equipment and he doesn't really want anyone bothering him. Kind of his stress-relieving time. Hehe....if you looked at him, you may think he has a lot of stress! LOL

Back to my workout partner.... Allyson has been running or riding along side of me while I walk or work on the elliptical. On Saturday, she is going to take a class there with a trainer to get her teen exercise certificate. Maybe the trainer will show her how to actually perspire while she works out because right now, she barely breaks a sweat, but is enjoying her time there. 

 Also, this gym allows for  two hours....count them, folks....TWO HOURS of free childcare. But not just any childcare. They play structured games, free-play court time, craft tables, Wii time, homework help, swimming, rock-climbing, even kids Zumba! 

All this means is I actually get to go to the gym and on my own time without waiting for Eric. I don't have to feel badly that my kids are sitting around bored waiting for me either. It's their gym class! This should come in handy for the rainy season which hasn't quite come yet. Other than the rainy week when mom and dad were here, we've had beautiful weather especially this week. The boys have enjoyed stomping around outside. Jake has enjoyed attacking my blueberry bushes with his "sword".....sigh! 

Omi –   – (December 3, 2011 at 8:15 AM)  

Tell Jake to hold off on the attack. I'll be there soon and I can help structure an organized attack! Yumm.

Aunt Melanie didn't get in to exercise until she married Ben. Way to go Ally!

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