Say What?

AAaaaaaaaa!!!!! Grant just gave me the Christmas countdown! Seriously! Where did December go??? I'm not ready for Christmas yet! I'm kicking myself for not doing all my shopping online. I have a few things for the kids, but...... It's a "little" hard to shop for them while they are with me. Although, I did manage to slip a few things in the cart the other day without the boys noticing. Mainly they didn't notice because they were rolling around the floor of the store shooting each other with their pretend guns and hitting each other in the gut to see who would get hurt first. I think they just do this so they can watch my head spin and my eyes narrow and turn into flames. Lovely picture, isn't it? 

We also have T-minus two days till Omi and Grandpop visit and T-minus seven days until Grammy and Poppy come! We are really fortunate to have a Christmas with family considering we moved ourselves across the country. I still will really miss our yearly mad dash to visit everyone on Christmas Eve and I'm sure the kids will miss seeing their aunts and uncles too! 

As for Grant, he is now the proud owner of not only a large metal piece in his mouth but also some fancy new headgear. He seemed really excited to show it to Eric tonight, but had earlier told me he looks "weird" and "wee-diculous".  I, however, think he's the cutest headgear wearing kid ever! 

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