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Jake's Funnies
Me: Whose picture is on the front of the penny?
Jake: "Neighborhood Lincoln"

As Jake is practicing writing his numbers he says, "That is the best five I've ever written in my entire life!" (He's never had self-esteem issues)

Grant's Appliance
We headed over for the final appointment at the orthodontist's office to have the appliance put in that they had made. It's a large plastic and metal piece on the upper palate that prevents his tongue from touching the top of his mouth. The bottom metal piece winds around his lower palate, and does something else important but I can't remember what! The point is, he no longer can touch his teeth together or close his mouth which really puts a damper on things when you are trying to eat. He started with soft foods yesterday and did pretty well. I made chicken last night and cut it up for him so it was small and shredded.  Poor kid, it took him a good 40 minutes to eat two waffles this morning. 

His speech is difficult to understand. I think maybe having him read out loud more will get him more used to articulating his words. Our speech evaluation next week should be interesting! Let's hope this part of the ortho treatment plan ends quicker than expected otherwise this will be a very long year for him! 

Here he is in all his cuteness! You just have to love a kid that asks to practice typing instead of playing the Wii!

Anonymous –   – (November 6, 2011 at 9:35 AM)  

Sweetie-pie face! Can't wait to kiss those cheeks!xxxoooMom

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